Current Exhibitions

Lawrence J. Philp: Color Play
June 3 – August 20, 2022

Philp’s energetic and playful abstract paintings, assemblages and automatic drawings are expressions of his inherent creativity.  His works are a refreshing combination of bold colors, curiosity, and spontaneity.  From a young age he liked to make things which led him to the Rhode Island School of Design in 1967.  After receiving his MFA he taught at numerous colleges, including Parsons School of Design. He has exhibited nationally in New York City, Florida, and Colorado.  Originally from New York City, Philp is currently living and working in Rex, GA. 

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Butch Anthony: Art, Nature, and Intertwangleism
June 3 – August 13, 2022

This exhibition explores the prolific career of artist Butch Anthony, a contemporary, self-taught artist with a keen eye for assembling objects and art in unique compositions. Telling the stories of the American way of life, this exhibition includes clever installations that showcase the artist’s interest in fine art and design and his habit of collecting objects found in nature, like bones, insects, shells, and other artifacts.

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