Upcoming Exhibition: Frabel Glass

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Fräbel Glass
November 20 – January 8, 2021

Kicking off the holiday season, the Museum will feature an exhibition of the glass art of Atlanta’s internationally renowned Fräbel Studio. Since the studio’s establishment in 1968, its founder Hans Godo Fräbel has created brilliant glass art forms. Among those who own a piece of Fräbel art are Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Elton John, Jeff Foxworthy, Julia Child, Prince Charles and Michael Douglas.

About the artist: IMG_1625
Fräbel was born in Jena, East Germany in 1941. He studied scientific glassblowing at Jena Glaswerke and took art classes at the Mainzer Kunstschule in Mainz, Germany. In 1965 he moved to Atlanta where he worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology in its scientific glass blowing laboratory. During this time Fräbel continued his studies of glass as an art form at Emory University and Georgia State. While working at Georgia Tech, Fräbel created crystal glass sculptures as gifts for friends, partners and business associates, inspiring him to become a full-time artist. Over the next 50 years he has followed the European tradition of apprentice and master. As the master artist he passed his skills on to a handpicked group of apprentices and associates, who, after many years of training, became master artists in their own right.

Asset 2-100About the process:
Fräbel’s delicate and innovative sculptural compositions begin with heated borosilicate rods that are shaped with a hot lamp or by hand. His subjects, often rendered at life-size scale, include the human figure, flora and fauna, tools, and even water droplets.